På andra sidan väggen (Parus förlag, 2018, in Swedish) är en repor­tage­bok om fantastiska idrotts­prestationer, livet, hälsan, och vägen tillbaka efter ett utmattnings­syndrom. I boken möter du höjdhopparen Linus Thörnblad, triathleten Clas Björling, bandyspelaren Magnus Muhrén, kanotisten Tom Krantz, schackspelaren Ulf Andersson, löparen Johan Larsson och cyklisterna Christian Bertilsson och Marcus Streijffert.

Pump Up Your Rating (Quality Chess, 2013) won ChessCafe's Book of the Year Award. The first part covers thinking techniques in chess and the second how to become your own chess coach. Reviews and sales at the (closed) Pump Up-blog.

e3 Poison - a 21t century opening repertoire (Quality Chess, 2017) is an opening repertoire for White with focus on understanding rather than concrete lines. Many strong players uses the innocent-looking move: Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Vladimir Kramnik.

The Woodpecker Method (Quality Chess, 2018) explains the technique that GM Hans Tikkanen invented to improve his tactical skill (+130 elo and 3 GM-norms in a few months). The method has since worked well for many others, however requires a lot of work.

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My main work is being editor for Tidskrift för Schack, with four issues per year. Feedback and ideas are very welcome.
I also write a short weekly column for Göteborgposten and a dozen other newspapers.

The novel Stormästarna (The Grandmasters) was published by Lunds University as a part of a two year course in creative writing. For the moment, it bides its time.