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John Cox on Chess Magazine:
"Overall, this is a fun and original work written with a lot of soul [...] some thought-provoking suggestions and guidance,some inspiration, and some interesting positions with interesting reflections upon them."

Bab Wilders on Nederlands Dagblad:
"The title Pump Up Your Rating suggests that this book is written especially for rating fetishists. However, it mainly offers the reader an enjoyable way to better chess...
It is very good to use for chess lessons at every level. And if after study your rating does indeed go up, then that is of course a bonus."

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October: An interview at schack.se (Swedish).
June: An interview at the homepage for VISMA Chess Tournament 2013. It's originally in Swedish but translated by the organizer.

Chess Cafe

Book of the Year: 2013.
Any man in the street knows how to increase his physical strength, but among most chess players confusion reigns when it comes to improving their playing strength. Axel Smith's training methods have guided his friends, teammates and pupils to grandmaster norms and titles. Hard work will be required, but Axel Smith knows how you can Pump Up Your Rating.

Every area of chess is covered - opening preparation, through middlegame play, to endgame technique. Smith delves into both the technical and psychological sides of chess, and shows how best to practise and improve.

International Master Axel Smith from Sweden has had great success as a coach. Using his methods on himself, in the space of two years he boosted his rating from 2093 to 2458. He is now closing in on the Grandmaster title

ISBN: 978-1-907982-73-6 - Released September 2013