Schackstudion (The Chess Studio) is run by GM Axel Smith, freelance journalist from Lund, Sweden. I work as editor of Tidskrift för Schack.

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Quality Chess writes: Street Smart Chess is an expert guide to scoring more points at the chessboard. When does it pay off to play hard for a win? Or safe for a draw? And how do you adapt your playing style accordingly?
   GM Axel Smith answers these questions, and more, by using a world-class player as a model for each chapter. Learn how Magnus Carlsen grinds out wins from level positions; how David Navara beats lower-rated opponents, and how Baskaran Adhiban beats higher-rated ones! Or serve-and-volley in the opening like Peter Heine Nielsen.
   Playing well is a good start in chess, but you also need to be Street Smart.